Thursday, 28 August 2014

DIY All Purpose Cleaner

Running a home daycare I clean and disinfect things A LOT! Like multiple times a day.  Store bought spray can get costly and with little one's touching and licking (yes, I said licking) various surfaces of my home I worry about some of the chemicals they might be leaving behind.

This recipe I found over here, I thought I would need to experiment around a bit before I found something I loved, but I was wrong I love this one.

The ingredients are basic, most of which you probably have around the house.

All you do is combine the ingredients, add 2 cups of boiling water and leave it to cool.

Once cooled you add about 20 drops of tea tree oil.  You can add other essential oils like eucalyptus or mint as antiseptics or fun ones like lemon or grapefruit to make it smell pretty.

Then you pour it into a spray bottle and voila.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Where Have I Been Lately?

Hello Wonderful Readers!

So you are probably wondering where the heck I've been.  Well, summer kinda got the best of my lazy side and I discovered I would much rather lounge on the deck then write a post.  So in the spirit of doing what I WANT, because sometimes you need to do what you WANT, I took the last few weeks to do exactly that which turned out to be a whole lotta nothing.

But fall is right around the corner and with fall comes new beginnings, it's kinda like New Years happens all over again from a slate clean, new perspective, starting over stance.

When I started this blog I dove right in head first and in my weeks of laziness I did a lot of contemplation on weather this is the right forum for me.  Don't get me wrong I am enjoying cooking, writing and sharing my creations with all you lovely folks but I feel like I am not quite capturing the true essence of myself. I am not quite sure where this little blog is going to go, it's not like I've been doing it long, so I'll give it a little more time and perhaps experiment a little more.  Be prepared to experience first hand the ramblings of my mind, I tend to have difficulty focusing and try to accomplish many goals at once, so I apologize in advance if things tend to go a little awol for a bit, I am just trying to find my voice here and discover what I am truly passionate about.

I am still going to cook.  I am still going to share my weekly menu plans.  I might throw in a few DIY projects we are doing around the house and perhaps a few other things will sneak their way in.  Maybe the name of this blog will change, maybe it won't.  I don't know where I am going but all I ask is that you come along with me for the ride.

I joined Instagram last night and I am truly enjoying this type of life sharing, so join me on this new journey and follow along with me here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Peach Donuts

Check these babies out!

I am finding fresh, juicy Ontario Peaches at the Farmer's Market and Grocery stores and I am LOVING it.  Peaches are perfect to make donuts. Say What???

These healthy, yes you heard me right HEALTHY DONUTS are super duper yummy, a great way to use in season produce and toddler approved.

 All you have to do is slice the peaches, dip them in yogurt, cover in sprinkles and freeze.  Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeeze (yes you just read that right).

Anna and the other daycare children LOVED them.

Why not give them a try.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Menu Plan Monday - A Short Week!

Happy Civic Holiday to all my Canadian friends.

I LOVE long weekends and this past long weekend I was lucky enough to send the little one away with Jon and have two whole days to myself.  My goal was to get a lot done around the house and I did.  As you might imagine I am quite tired so I am keeping this week's menu quite simple; it is a short week after all, YEAH!

I am using Grocery Gateway  (a service I LOVE) to get all my shopping done so I can spend even more time cleaning and organizing my house.  I know I am a little late on the whole "spring cleaning" thing, but maybe "mid-summer cleaning" can become the new trend. Yes? No?

Enjoy this week's menu, it's simple but delicious.

Family Menu
August 5th - 8th




Grilled Cheese




Scrambled Eggs








Fish Sticks


One Pot




Lentil Soup
Cheesy Monkey Bread

Bear Paws

Eat Out