Sunday, 27 April 2014

My First Post! Easy Peasy Cauliflower Soup

Hello and Welcome to Food Love.  I am so glad you stopped by and cannot wait to share with you my adventures in the culinary world.  To find out more about me click here.

Today I bring you what quickly became one of my families go-to recipes this past winter.  On those numerous -20 days we experienced here in Ontario a steaming bowl of soup seemed to warm us right up.  As we move into Spring and say farewell to the frigid temperatures a warm bowl of soup is still a welcome meal at the end of a rainy day.

This soup is inspired by one of my dear friend's Moms who makes a rich, creamy cheesy version.  We all love her soup, but with tonnes of expensive cheese and lots of cream it is murder to my dairy intolerance as well as my pocket book, not to mention it takes time, something we don't have a lot of these days.

The last time I made Easy Peasy Cauliflower Soup I also made Beer Bread & Honey Butter from Coordinatley Yours by Julie Blanner, you can get the recipe here.  This dense, yummy bread is the perfect accompaniment and so easy to make.

So back to my Easy Peasy Cauliflower Soup. Want to know how easy it is???? It is so easy!!! I simply throw all the ingredients in a slow cooker and cook on low until they are tender.

 Then I puree the soup in a blender (because I haven't yet invested in a immersion one) and pouf, it's done.

This soup also packs the bonus of being dairy free and can be made vegan. I hope your family enjoys my Easy Peasy Cauliflower Soup as much as I do.